Carthage Must Play

Good evening all.

It’s been a while since we updated the blog. Those of you who’ve been following us know we’ve not been quiet – gigs and demos have poured out of our brainholes.

Song Blogs

First up, we’re going to do a bit of a discography series. Will & I are writing individual blogs about the songs in our gig bags. Going over the lyrics, and the music behind them, with streamable tracks to play over it. We’ve always wanted to be a band with things to say. When we play live, we play twice as fast as we should. The messages get garbled, shrieked, spat out and mangled. We like the idea of soberly putting them forwards.

Let’s Play Denmark Street

We’re playing a set on Friday 20th Feb at the Alleycat, Denmark Street. As all you London-based followers will know, this street, a hub of the music scene, is dying, along with a lot of Soho. We’ve rehearsed there, drank there and bought our gear there. This may well be the last time we get to gather and play on our favourite road, so come along and say farewell with us. We’re working out ideas on how we can tie the gig in with the Save Soho campaign.

The gig’s part of MOLOTOV, the new night organised by the promoter of CAT SCRATCH FEVER.

Debut Single?

We’re scraping together the money to record a professional mix of “Criminal“, and the erudite, the masterful and the altruistic Xander Edwards has offered us a phenomenal rate. He was the engineer at our last gig at the Good Ship, and we’re looking forward to working with him again. It was just fucking lush to be soundchecking and actually hear the guy on the board sweeping through the EQ to find the best tone for you, to see him busting his balls tweaking everything dial & slider in the room to show you off. It’s a surprisingly rare event in the small gig circuit. You can check out his production work here.

Criminal, one of Will’s creations, seems to be far and away the live favourite. This is a source of constant irritation to me. It’s given the rest of the band an excuse to tell me I should put things like “choruses” and “structures” in my songs. So fuck you, Will. Fuck you.

I Had a Point Once… It Was an Overrated Experience.

Hello, all. Will here. I was gonna post yesterday and I procrastinated it (FUCKING DARK SOULS), and Jason beat me to it, but I don’t care. I’m gonna post all the stuff I was gonna post before Jason posted his post or even knew he was going to be posting a post before I posted my post.


…… Post.


So, so, so. Lots going on in politics, on both sides of the pond that the band inhabits. We at Carthage are, as you may have noticed, quite progressively outspoken about political matters. The rock and roll landscape these days seems to be a bit devoid of it lately – we’ve embraced a return to the 80s style dance-all-night party music that was never required to be very aware. Back then, you got a few here and there that had something to say, but it was about the experience, the night out of memory making, with little actually being said, politically, personally, emotionally or really relevantly at all. And that’s okay. Far be it from me to criticize the path that has brought so many bands into successful careers and allowed people to use music as a means to disconnect rather than connect. If anything – that’s on us, not them. I don’t mean “us” as in Carthage, not entirely, anyway (I’d like to think what we do is good for either connection or disconnection – we’re cool like that). I mean us as in music fans, consumers and quoters of lyrics. You can accept the overall package given to you, mindlessly, as so many do, and the only worry is whether or not you have a good time. The artist is never forced to have substance or evolve, except along the zeitgeist, which nine times out of ten, they do not determine. That one time, you get a David Bowie, who does whatever the hell he wants, even still. David Bowie could put out a hip hop record tomorrow and people would line up, cash in hand, ready to twerk at the next sold out Bowie gig. God, that would be amazing. But, how often do you get that one Thin White Duke-like individual? Not too often. So, you’re forced to get what you’re given, for better or worse.


Sounds a lot like politics, actually.


Didn’t want to talk politics today and here I am, rambling. Christ.


Anyway, here’s what we’re up to: Gig-wise, the plan is to play maybe one or two here and there while we work on some new music.  We do have one coming up in July, at the Workshop in London on July 11th. As far as new music goes, we’re demoing away.  Jason recently finished most of the leg work on a track called “Idiot Animal” (I guess), and it is…  I don’t even have the words for it. Head over to the Soundcloud page and have a listen.  Holly and I are tackling a track that was once titled “You Can’t Stop the Signal, Mal.”  I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I wrote it while watching some Firefly and the music reflects that.  If that isn’t what you were thinking… What is it like being that dead inside? Jesus take the wheel, how do you live? Anyway, those should be done soon… ish. Also, it looks like we may be playing a gig in July. You should go!







Writing Vs. Writing

There’s some trrrrrrrrraditional Carthaginian ranting coming up, but firstly, the music; we’re a band, you know. You can be excused for forgetting that.

It’s not been that long since our first EP, Carthage Must Die, dropped – but we’ve evolved as band since then. The crucible that is the live gig has started forging us into something more honed. We know each other better. We listen harder. We self-critique more readily. We’re more confident.

So it’s obvious what happens next.

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The Drummergirl: The Dichotomy. The Discussion.

Well it appears it’s my turn to contribute a post to this blog. Ok then, here goes…

By now you probably know a bit about Carthage and the music we make. If not, I urge you to have a listen – for no other reason than if you hate it, I’d rather you not waste your time reading blogs by a bunch of well-fed youngsters ranting about their views on the world.
Views you may disagree with.

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Middle Class Punk: Revolution?

It would be bold for us to don the title of a punk band. In truth, it would be bold for us to claim any other primary label than Middle Class. We’re the by-products of Oxford grads, teachers, lawyers & leading business people. We’re also white. We’re financially comfortable; warmed, housed & fed. We’re educated. We’re part of the luckiest demographic on the planet. We’re not qualified to lead the revolution. Do not let these facts disarm you. 

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GIG, You Twat: Carthage Live Report


First, THANKYOU to the lovely people who came to see us. You’ve helped us raise enough bunse to pay our designer, the fucking awesome GoreGutsGlory, to do some arty shite for us.


We thoroughly recommend playing at The Good Ship, they treat you very very well.

We’re knackered at the moment, so ain’t gonna write fuck all. But here’s some photos and videos from our gig at The Good Ship:

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